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Gerry Sergeant, President, Sergeant Corporation

Sergeant Corporation
has had a long and progressive history. Founded in 1962 by James Sergeant, it was then known as Sergeant Shoe Supply and was located in Tillsonburg, Ontario. In the early years as manufacturer's representatives, Sergeant Shoe Supply focused on developing and distributing products and materials for the footwear industry. During the seventies, Sergeant Shoe Supply gained the sales expertise of key personnel, who brought with them knowledge of other different markets that would be beneficial in the future development of the company.

During the late seventies, Gerry Sergeant joined the company, taking over management of manufacturing. His expertise and management helped the company to expand its service dimensions beyond the shoe industry: non-woven liners, fillers and backing materials were joined by insulation, environmental barriers and moisture management systems. Research continues everyday to respond to customer's need to be leaders in their industry. Since this time, Sergeant Corporation and its represented associated companies and suppliers have entered into developing products for a variety of industries including automotive, construction, industrial and geotextile. With all of these changes, one thing has remained constant from its footwear industry roots: Sergeant Corp's philosophy of working with people to create innovative product and strategic market solutions.













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